Best Woodsy Cologne For Men

Cedar Tree

Woodsy scents might be the most popular type of fragrance for men.  

Notes that are commonly used are conifer/evergreen, wood oils like cedar and sandalwood, and various "green" scents.  While technically not a cologne, our Timber Ridge Aftershave Splash has a classy, warm, natural, and woodsy fragrance.  Its top notes of fir needle essential oil are familiar and refreshing.  Middle notes of juniper leaf and berries provide a unique green and just slightly fruity twist reminiscent of a gin & tonic.  It then dries down to base notes of refined cedars and guaiac wood.  It has the added benefit of feeling great on your skin.

They make a great gift

Woodsy colognes are the perfect complement to any man’s fragrance collection. 

These scents can be worn at any time of year, but they really shine when worn during the fall and winter months. They're also great for springtime if you prefer something a little more fruity than citrusy or floral. They make a great gift for the guy who loves spending time outdoors.  Whether their favorite activity camping, hunting, fishing, hiking, biking, or any combination of those, the right fragrance will transport him to the great outdoors no matter where he is!

There are many different woodsy colognes on the market, so how do you choose the best one? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

-The type of wood used: Some woodsy colognes use more than one type of wood, while others focus on just one. If you know what type of wood your guy prefers, that can help you narrow down your choices.

-The strength of the scent: Woodsy colognes can range from light and refreshing to strong and earthy. Consider how much scent your guy typically likes to wear and choose accordingly.

-The other ingredients: Many woodsy colognes also contain citrus or spice notes. If your guy has a preference, look for a cologne that includes his favorite ingredients.

Ready to find the perfect woodsy cologne for the man in your life?

Timber Ridge Aftershave Splash

Inspired by a vacation in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, Timber Ridge is a hike among the fir and cedar trees of the Appalachians.  Blending this fragrance is a labor of love thanks to the sticky, nearly solid consistency of the fir balsam absolute it contains.  The extract has to be softened with gentle heat and slowly added to the rest of the fragrance concentrate.  The entire mixture then has to be heated again to completely dissolve and blend the absolute.  The end result is well worth the effort, though.  Timber Ridge opens with the fresh scent of fir needle essential oil, layered over extracts of juniper leaf and juniper berries, supported by cedar and jammy, balsamic, coniferous fir needle absolute.

Is it normal to feel a 'warm' sensation when applying Aftershave Splash?

Often described as a ‘bracing’ sensation, this warmth typically felt upon initial application of our aftershave splash is normal. The sensation is attributed to the alcohol base of the product, which helps to sanitize the skin after shaving.

Normally, applying alcohol would cause a risk of drying out your skin.  However, we counteract this by adding glycerin, sunflower oil, and Provitamin B5.  These natural ingredients help to draw moisture into the skin, and lock it in without producing a greasy feeling.

"This is easily in my top five as far as the strength and longevity of the scent.”

- Matthew, Amazon Customer

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Timber Ridge Woodsy Scent Collection 2

Best Woodsy Cologne For Men

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