The Coolest Barber Shops in Orlando

Orlando has long been known for its theme parks and outlet malls.  Having lived here since 2005, I've seen some significant changes in the local culture.  With the addition of many new independent restaurants, bars, and the world class Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, Orlando is developing a cultural identity all its own.  In this article, we'll take a look at one specific aspect of Orlando's unique identity - its barber shops.  But we're not just looking at any old barber shop.  We're putting a spotlight on what we think are the coolest barber shops in Orlando!

But how do we define "cool"?  Well, quite simply - I think a cool barber shop is one where I'd like to hang out whether or not I need a haircut.  This is usually a matter of interior design and frankly, most shop owners don't put a lot of thought into it.  Obviously there are certain things that a barber shop must have to be functional.  150 square feet of workspace per barber with good lighting, large mirrors, storage, and appropriate plumbing.  But what about an inviting atmosphere?  I think that's an important part of the customer experience too, and one that most owners pay very little attention.

Well...not so with these shops.  Below you'll find our three favorite barber shops in the Orlando area where we think you'll be able to get a great haircut AND unwind for a bit.  So let's get to it!

Here are the coolest barber shops in Orlando!


400 West New England Avenue, Ste 8
Winter Park, Florida 32789

I first spotted Atomic Barber Co. on a stroll through Winter Park after operating hours one evening.  I was honestly pretty surprised to see a barber shop occupying some of the most expensive retail space in the greater Orlando area.  I took a peek inside and even thought the shop was illuminated only by a dim streetlight, I could see that no expense was spared on the interior.

Just look at that interior.  Atomic Barber Co. looks like it could moonlight as a cigar lounge.  It's the kind of place I'd want to arrive an hour before my appointment just so I could kick back in their leather sofa and thumb through that copy of "The Book of Rock".

#2 The Ultimate Cave Barbershop



Calling The Ultimate Cave a barbershop does this Brazilian establishment in MetroWest somewhat of an injustice.  With its pool table, full service bar, and leather club sofas, it's no wonder every chair was full and several guys seemed to just be hanging out when I visited.  Owner Diego Bastos seems to have the winning formula, as his is the shop of choice for many members of the Orlando Magic and the Orlando City Soccer Club.

#3 Townies Barbershop

2909 Corrine Dr, Orlando, FL 32803

Townies Barber Shop has a classic feel, and is decorated with a mix of old school Americana,  contemporary pop culture, and military memorabilia.  It's laid back, casual, and relaxed.  Townies is also kid friendly!  As an added bonus, it's surrounded by some of the coolest local business in Orlando, including Park Ave CDs, Stardust Video & Coffee, Redlight Redlight, and the original Gideon's Bakehouse, so there are plenty of places to show of your fresh cut.

#4 Eleanor's Barber Shop

1217 N Mills Ave, Orlando, FL 32803

Eleanor's Barber Shop has a totally different vibe, and that was exactly the goal of owner Tito Santiago.  In an interview by Bungalower, he explains that he wanted to differentiate Eleanor's from the large, loud shops with a dozen chairs and the smaller overtly macho shops where many people are uncomfortable. The pink walls should take care of that!

Regardless of where you feel more comfortable, you've got to admit that the distinctly retro look of Eleanor's Barber Shop is a bold and confident choice that is unlike any other in Orlando.

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Man would love for you to come by mine sometime. Not as cool but the quality of the cut goes beyond expectations.
check me out here.

Mark March 01, 2023

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