The Gilbert Henry Company is an independent crafter of men's grooming products, founded by a husband and wife team (Chris and Lilian).  The company was born out of Chris's fondness for the Bay Rum scent, and the realization that the specific type of product he wanted did not yet exist.  What was he looking for?  It seemed simple enough - a high quality, naturally fragranced, and paraben free aftershave balm.

The thought occurred to him, "Why not make it myself?".  

That was the question that lead to more than a year of selecting essential oils, formulating blends, soliciting opinions, hitting roadblocks, and making breakthroughs.  The result is a perfectly soothing and non-greasy aftershave lotion with a spicy but smooth, woodsy and slightly sweet Bay Rum fragrance.  It is exactly what Chris was looking for, and we hope it's exactly what you're looking for too!


About Our Name

"Remember...You look like a winner and you are a winner."

As silly or trite as that statement may seem when read without context, it is a memorable and appreciated motto spoken many times by my father, Gilbert Henry.  They were his words of encouragement to me every day as I was growing up.

The phrase has a more profound effect on me now, as I look back on his words from a different perspective.  I have a deeper understanding of the respect and loyalty he earned from his clients in his 40 plus years in the advertising industry.  I see the broad impact of his contributions to our community during 19 years of service on the local school board.  I remember the love and generosity he exemplified in our family.

While those traits are specific to my father and the memories are personal to me, I think anyone can relate to the principles they illustrate.  Integrity, honesty, diligence, and devotion.  They are words that most of us hope would be used to describe us, and as a company we are no different.  We have chosen the name Gilbert Henry because it sets the bar high.  It's not just a name, but a standard by which we measure our products, our service, and our success.

We'll help you look like a winner.  The rest is up to you.

- Chris
Founder & President
Gilbert Henry LLC


Gilbert Henry

Gilbert Henry